the information on this page is being revised for 2021


The voting period has ended

Once the ballots have been counted on the evening of September 23rd by the election officials, results will be announced on and by email.

94 ballots were received and counted.

Those candidates receiving 48 or more votes were elected.
(48 is 50% + 1 of the 94 ballots counted)

  1. Elizabeth Lanyon, with 69 votes
  2. Tuquan Harrison, with 57 votes
  3. Joshua Smith, with 49 votes
  4. Bivett Bracket, with 48 votes
  5. Diana Oliva, with 48 votes

2021 Board of Directors Election

In order to accomplish the election of directors during this time when we cannot meet in person, in 2020 we will separate the election of directors from the rest of the AGM proceedings. Voting by secret ballot, which is critical to the board elections, is not feasible in an online meeting.

Date(s) Action(s)
July 15th

Date of Record
Members must have been in good standing by this date in order to vote in this election.

Associate members still in their 60 day probationary period do not yet have voting rights.

Jul 8th to Aug 12th

Nomination Period

Jul 18th to Aug 19th Members verify mailing address with corporation staff
Aug 19th Staff develop written ballots and prepare physical mailing
Aug 21st

Staff mail out written ballots

Aug 21st to Sep 18th

Voting Period
Ballots may be returned by self-addressed stamped enveloped provided in mailing

Sept 12th Annual General Meeting (online, noon-4pm)

Mail-in Alternates, In-Person Voting

Pride staff will be available at the Pride offices during the times listed below, to facilitate in-person voting or to receive already completed ballots. Offices are located at 1663 Mission Street.

Election Officials:

  • Election Inspectors
  • Election Observers
  • The date of record to vote in this election was July 15, 2020, 60 days prior to the Annual General Meeting (Sept 12, 2020).
  • Through Aug. 19th, SF Pride staff will solicit mailing address updates from the existing membership.
  • Staff will develop written ballots as of Aug. 19, and prepare a physical mailing to send out.
  • Friday, Aug. 21 is 20 days prior to the AGM. As per the election procedures, a written notice will be sent, via the postal service, to the membership. In addition, an abbreviated version of the notice will be sent via email.
  • On Aug. 21, the notice is mailed, alongside written ballots. This mailing specifies:
    • The date by which ballots must be returned.
    • The number of total ballots that will need to be returned (quorum as of date of ballot printing).
    • A ballot of all nominated candidates.
    • A black envelope to seal the ballot in (hence ensuring vote by secret ballot), replicating as closely as possible the standing procedure for voting at an in-person AGM.
    • Self-addressed and stamped return envelope, which the member would use to identify oneself for voting eligibility.
  • Members can post-mark their ballot until six days after the AGM (i.e., Sept 18, 2020).
  • In-person voting or drop-off opportunities will be available twice per week during the voting period (as a courtesy). These opportunities are TBD, and may include drop-in hours at the Pride offices or tabling hours at a public outdoor venue.
  • The AGM, held online on Saturday, Sept 12, will be used for candidate statements, Q&A, and any other business that still stands. Any actions so noticed on the 20-day notice, or any proper motion brought at the meeting.

Furthermore, most of the processes laid out in Policy A.11, Procedures for Nominating and Electing Directors, will be followed, such as:

  • The appointment of Election Inspectors and Election Observers
  • The process by which votes are validated and counted.
  • The vote validation and counting process will take place on Wednesday, Sept 23, which allows time for any ballots postmarked on Sept 18 to arrive to the Pride offices.
  • The vote validation and counting will take place in as safe a manner as possible, with masks and physical distance.

How to Vote:

You will receive by mail the following materials:

Once you have received your election materials, the voting procedure is as follows:

  1. Open your election mailer and remove the 4 items inside.
  2. Review the printed instruction sheet.
  3. Go to this page ( to review candidate statements
  4. Fill out your ballot by marking the boxes for candidates you would like to elect.
  5. Fold your ballot, and insert it into the black envelope.
  6. Seal the black envelope.
  7. Place the black envelope into the manila return envelope.
  8. Seal the manila return envelope.
  9. Write your initials next to your name in the return address area in the upper left of the manila return envelope.
  10. Place your return envelope in the mail, postmarked no later than September 18th, or return it in-person to one of the temporary polling stations.

Each member in good standing is allowed to vote once. Duplicate ballots received will be disqualified.