Membership Expectations

There are lots of things that it would be great for you to know as a member but due to the sheer volume of information contained in Policies & Procedures, it seemed prudent to provide you with the short list of things a new member should know.


What we expect of every member:

  • Attend the Annual General Membership Meeting.

  • Participate in the event in some way either by participating, volunteering or contributing financially

  • Help in the selection of Community Grand Marshals



Monthly Membership Meetings (also known as the General Planning Meeting) are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. This is the primary method for you as a member to directly involve yourself in the governance and direction of the organization.


Board Meetings-

This meeting is held on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Members are welcome to attend board meetings at which the directors of the organization discuss the public business of the organization.


Multi Divisional Meetings (“Multi-D”)-

This is a meeting in which the “nuts and bolts” of the event are discussed. Meetings are primarily a way for the various portions of the event to maintain open lines of communication and conduct business. These meetings are open to membership but the agenda and topics of discussion are limited to the pertinent business of the event itself. The dates of these meetings are posted to the membership calendar



Below are some portions of the P&P that directly apply to all members that new members should familiarize themselves with so they may more easily contribute at meetings, while volunteering, or attending events as a representative of the organization.


Very Important

A-4 (Mission Statement)

A-2- Article 4 (Membership Rights)

A-2- Article 5 (Member Meetings and Voting)

A-3- #8 (Consensus Model for Decision Making)

A-3- #5 (Scope of Meeting Discussions & Policy on Members Representing Pride at Events)

B-1 (Code of conduct)

B-8 (Meeting Behavior)

D-1 (Becoming a Member)

D-3 (Membership Renewal Procedures)


Also Helpful

A-11 (Board Nomination and Election Procedures)

E-4 (Grand Marshal/Pink Brick Policy)

E-6 (Parade Line Up Policy)


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