Information Updated: 09/13/16

Women’s Building Auditorium
3543 18th Street, San Francisco
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

10:00 AM – Check-in and registration

10:30 AM – Meeting convenes

Morning Session:
  • Board Elections.
  • BYLAWS AMENDMENT. A vote to amend the organization’s bylaws regarding term limits for members of the Board of Directors.
Afternoon Session:  
  • Vote to adopt the Membership Meeting Calendar for Oct 2016 through September 2017.
  • Vote to select the theme for the 2017 SF Pride Celebration and Parade.
  • Other agency business may be added to the agenda.


There are currently nine (9) open Board of Director seats up for election for the 2017 SF Pride fiscal year. Newly elected Board members will begin their service at the October 5, 2016 Board Meeting.


In order to be eligible to vote in the upcoming elections, you must be a current member of SF Pride and have registered as of July 19, 2016. You must be present at the Annual General Meeting during the designated election hours (morning session) in order to cast your vote.

Jacquelene Bishop
John Caldera
Kenzi Connor
Anietie Ekanem
Jason Galisatus
DJ Gray
Nguyen ‘Win’ Pham
Jesse Oliver Sanford – incumbent
Justin Taylor – incumbent
William Walker

Candidates for the Board are encouraged, but not required, to submit a written Statement in support of their candidacy. Statements and opinions expressed by the candidates do not necessarily reflect the views of SF Pride. All candidate statements will be made available at the Annual General Meeting.

Jacquelene Bishop
Being a part of PRIDE has been an extraordinary experience for me. I have volunteered at the PRIDE parade for the last four years and have attended PRIDE all six years that I’ve lived in the Bay Area. I am a young, bisexual woman in a same-sex marriage. Sometimes it can feel challenging that my true authentic self is not understood or accepted. But I know that every year during PRIDE festivities, not only do those difficult feelings melt away, but these feelings are replaced by something much more powerful. Each year, I feel increased motivation to spread awareness and to ensure the colors of my flag fly freely. My heart feels full knowing that being myself at PRIDE, and being my authentic-self every day, can help another to fly their flag high too. We all deserve to feel honesty with ourselves. Further, we all have our own journeys. But, without the dedication of the PRIDE board and committees, PRIDE’s powerful activities do not exist. I would be honored to sit on the PRIDE board and I have accepted Michelle Meow’s nomination to join. I am a self-employed Certified Public Accountant and thrive on supplementing my business with frequent volunteering to share my skills to the community. I have a strong passion to serve and to ensure SF PRIDE continues to fly its flags. Let us, the LGBT community, continues to grow, to expand our wellness, and to expand inclusion for all the colors of our communities.

John Caldera
Dear Friends and Fellow Members of San Francisco Pride: I am submitting my name to rejoin the Board of Directors of San Francisco Pride. As an Openly Gay Latino Veteran, I have more to offer and bring to the table of our organization. As the President of San Francisco Veterans Lions Club and the Vice-President of the San Francisco Veterans For Peace, Chapter 69, I believe SF Pride benefits from having LGBT Veterans on its Board of Directors. The safety of our organization, it members and our guests remain paramount on my agenda as a returning Board Member of SF Pride. Thank you for your consideration, your support and your vote.

Kenzi Connor
Growing up in the middle of the country, San Francisco was, (for me and so many others) an irreplaceable beacon of counter and sub cultural acceptance. When I moved here, I finally came home, and shelved my plans to live in Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, NY, etc. After I discovered that in addition to being queer I am also trans, the fight for the soul of the city became one I couldn’t afford to lose. So many of my friends live in Lake Merritt now and I don’t want that to be an inevitability. Yes, the migration of queers and other minorities has picked up pace, and fewer and fewer of us can afford to live here. Against a backdrop of mainstream progress and acceptance picking up speed, backlash taking our lives in even larger scale hate crimes, giant swaths of the country trying to legislate us out of existence, and a Hitler-speech-book-reading fascist running for President, we navigate the discursive queer politics of the City by the Bay. The first time I marched in the SF Pride Parade it blew my mind, and my heart. Over time, I felt like my identity and politics had less place in the official Pride movement, and I participated less and less. More and more, I hide out in Leather Alley, cocooned from the outside world. But this last year, being invited to help redesign the SF Pride site to better serve the community I was recharged. I marched in all three major marches, and rode in Dykes on Bikes. In the process have learned a lot more about SF Pride itself. I’ve learned about the organization that will select “for Racial and Economic Justice” and has to deal with meeting notes about “bending over for FB” sprayed across the local papers. To coordinate The Gay Pride event of the world with the requirement of the City, while trying not to lose all involvement of those it’s trying to center in the first place is a trick. These, as always, are contentious times. I’d like to do my part to try and address the realities that almost none of my trans friends can afford to live in San Francisco, and thus the feeling that our Pride is not for them. San Francisco serves as the world stage on which we live and breath. Let’s keep fighting and being a beacon. I live to serve.

Anietie Ekanem
SF Pride is dedicated to education, to the commemoration of LGBT heritage and to the celebration of LGBT culture and liberation.
As a SF Pride board member I want to support this mission by: including more people inside the LGBT tent; finding ways to raise more money to increase the impact of SF Pride. Simply put, I want to expand SF Pride’s impact. First I am part of a coalition among community leaders of the Southeast neighborhoods, which can help SF Pride expand. I have community and board experience including HOA board president, 3rd Street Youth Center Board, Stanford Pride Alumni Board, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) coordinator, and member of the Economic Development committee of the South East Community Center. Second I want to bring SF Pride events to different neighborhoods and work with neighborhood groups to co-create events that matter. Let’s include neighborhoods like Bayview, Hunter’s Point, the Outer Mission, the Presidio and other parts of the city. Can we bring SF Pride to these neighborhoods? I say YES! Third let us diversify our programming to reflect the age, class, race, gender among us. Next I am also a business owner and have gotten NGLCC certified. Bringing programming and assistance to LGBT owned businesses is also important. Increasing the economic impact of every SF Pride dollar can have a multiplying effect on our local economy and the issues that matter most. In addition I want to use technology to broaden the reach. I manage I want to create a coalition of online social sites and networks committed to LGBT causes. Let’s use webinar technology to bring these programs and others directly into the mobile devices of the people that we care about. I have created a webinar series with speakers like Steve Lishansky, an INC Top 10 of 2015 best sales book author. Here is an example of an upcoming event: Imagine a speaker series highlighting us, LGBT people dealing with issues relevant to our everyday lives. Lastly, I want to implement SF Pride Impact Forums, town hall meetings with our expanded community where we can brainstorm and implement new ways to raise dollars to support #SFPrideImpact. By increasing the relevance of SF Pride throughout the year, we ensure a stronger, more committed community.

Jason Galisatus
To me, San Francisco Pride represents the essence of the LGBTQ community. Pride is a colorful celebration of identity, whatever one’s identity may be. Folks from across the spectrum of life convene to revel in who we are, where we’ve come, and where we’re going. It’s a chance to put our differences aside and remember that we are a community that accepts, not rejects; that lifts up, not pushes down. I share in this goal, and hope to serve as a member of the Board to continue to make Pride a safe and welcoming celebration for all. My potential involvement with the organization is a natural continuation of my longtime advocacy for the LGBTQ community. I served on the Board of Directors of the GSA Network from 2010-2011. From 2011-2014, I served as the Founder and Executive Director of the Bay Area Youth Summit, which was honored as the Organizational Grand Marshall of Pride 2014. I played a key role in founding California’s first countywide LGBTQ Commission in San Mateo County and served as its Co-Chair until I moved to San Francisco last year. I currently serve as the Co-Chair of the Peninsula Stonewall Democrats, the coalition of LGBTQ Democrats in San Mateo County. I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Political Science in 2015 and have since been working as a Junior Account Executive at Ground Floor Public Affairs, a San Francisco-based government relations firm run by Alex Tourk. Previously, I served as an intern in the Washington, DC Press Office of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, as the LGBTQ Community Liaison intern in the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services under Mayors Newsom and Lee, and as an LGBTQ community representative on the David Campos for Assembly campaign. I am a member of the Alice B Toklas Democratic Club and the Harvey Milk Democratic Club. I also currently serve on the Board Directors of the Redwood City Education Foundation. As a fifth generation San Franciscan, I aim to preserve our community’s rich heritage and honor the sacrifices of the many pioneers on whose shoulders we stand. I will bring my professionalism, expertise, and passion to the table and look forward to engaging the entire community to make San Francisco Pride the best that it can be. Thank you for your consideration.

DJ Gray
I am DJ Gray, I have been DJing in the LGBT community and beyond for almost two decades and have been part of the community in SF for most of my adult life. I would like to be part of the board for pride to represent nightlife, generation X, and equality for all! I am a dreamer, a dancer, a musician, an entrepreneur, and a human being of Spanish, Afro, Native North and South American descent. I have a unique view of life and would like to share it with the board. I’ve been a promoter since 1992, a DJ since1998, and an event planner since 1999. I’ve had residencies at the Detour, The Lookout, Toad Hall, spun at Pink Saturday stages, just to name a few and I’ve spun at almost all of the clubs in SF since 1998. I have had my own business M. Gray Group since 1999. I would like to work on keeping Pride focused on our core values, our people and our allies. I want to work on moving our community forward together, without leaving anyone behind. I also want to work on making sure LGBT Pride SF continues being the pilot and leader of the inclusive movement in our country and our planet!

Nguyen ‘Win’ Pham
As a 16-year participant in the annual San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration, I am honored to accept Michelle Meow’s nomination to submit my candidacy to the SF Pride Board of Directors. For half of my lifetime so far, the SF Pride Parade has held an enduring place in my heart: I was a teenager when I first marched in the Pride Parade as a high school student with the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Network; a teenager still the following year when I marched as a college student with UC Berkeley’s Queer Resource Center; and even still a teenager that following year when I began my 14-year (and counting!) tenure as a performer with CHEER San Francisco, the Official Cheer Team of the City and County of San Francisco. Now well into adulthood, I find it incumbent upon myself to give back to Pride in a meaningful way: on Pride’s governance team. As a member of the Board, I will bring the strategic competencies and managerial skills that I have gained thanks to my recently-achieved MBA with Honors from San Francisco State University’s Downtown Campus. Additionally, as a philanthropic titleholder among numerous diverse charitable groups – Mr. Gay San Francisco 2015-2016, Mr. Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) 2013, and Mr. Mensa 2011 – I will champion the Board’s non-profit coalition-building objectives and activities, and I will ensure that the Board holds itself accountable to the broadest possible cross-section of our communities. Further, with my extensive professional experience as a strategic marketing and communications manager, I will leverage available resources to advance the storytelling initiatives of the communities that the Board serves – so that all narratives can be shared and be paid due respect. With your support, and with your vote, it will be my humble privilege to advance the important work of the SF Pride Board on behalf of all human citizens as we continue to educate, commemorate, celebrate, and liberate.

Jesse Oliver Sanford
I serve on this board because Pride is an incredibly important cultural engine in the Bay Area, helping our communities connect with LGBTQ values and helping SF maintain its global influence. I serve SF Pride because the liberation of the transgender sex worker in Mumbai is connected to my own, because I cannot truly be free while she continues to suffer. I could never be “post-gay.” I live on Harvey Milk’s block in the Castro, where I’ve hosted meetings and organized protests on a wide range of issues. I am deeply aware that reliance on power structures in society presents Pride events a conflict of interest. As a highly visible symbol of the LGBT movement in collaboration with hundreds of other organizations, we will always be a focal point for political debate. A year ago, I proposed the 2016 theme, “For Racial and Economic Justice,” adopted by the members. That theme galvanized a whole range of events including public meetings with Black Lives Matter, St. James Infirmary, and even Larry Yang, meditation teacher and grand marshal. In 2017, I will help lift the bar we set high this year, supporting the ongoing Commonwealth Club Forum and ensuring we push the LGBTQ movement forward. Pride will continue to be an ally, not an obstacle, to activists within our movement. My work this past year also demonstrates my commitment to diversifying our funding beyond large corporate sponsorships while watching our bottom line: I continued service on the Budget & Finance committee, staying keenly familiar with our financial picture, budgeting, and auditing process; I organized our highest-earning fundraiser, Pride in Tech, which drew over 120 people including several donors at $1000, a first for SF Pride; I facilitated a web redesign sponsorship worth almost $100k and helped with the ensuing six-month project of replacing our website, personally volunteering nearly 100 development hours. Thanks to these efforts, SF Pride is accessible on mobile for the first time. I hold a PhD in cultural anthropology from Berkeley based on research among the Radical Faeries. I have since worked as a software engineer and engineering manager for a startup through a successful acquisition. My outside experience includes fundraising and technology for numerous other LGBTQ and feminist non-profits. In short, I possess technical skill, knowledge and vision which I would like to offer San Francisco Pride. Please support my re-election with your vote.

Justin Taylor
Thank you for taking the time to participate in the upcoming AGM. As the gay child of supportive lesbian parents, as a community organizer, a union/labor advocate, and as an incumbent, I would like to share my thoughts on the past and future of this organization. The most recent pride parade — which I hope you all enjoyed! — was streamlined to limit the role of sponsors and increase community involvement. The board continues to work hard to return the parade and festival to the people it should represent: all of you. As a board member, I advocated for reducing corporate branding throughout the event, at the festival site and in our parade. I have also led many policy changes to make our elections and board fair and accountable. Last year, while serving as Secretary of the organization, I made all our board records publicly accessible online, created a members’ website, and made the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of the organization available to the membership at all times.
This year,I stepped aside as secretary and nominated Melanie Nathan because I felt the executive board has historically been comprised of primarily Caucasian men, and I wanted the executive leadership positions on the board to include more diverse perspectives. I have supported her in this transition throughout the year.
More recently, I chaired the Policies and Procedures Committee and changed a portion of the Bylaws that the organization has been attempting to change for over a decade. The Bylaws now allow the membership to correct and adjust the organization’s Bylaws with a two-thirds majority vote at an AGM. I am also advocating for a term limit amendment, which you will be voting on at the AGM this September 17th. I strongly urge you to vote in favor of the proposed term limit of two three-year terms (up to 6 years maximum, not including time served as an appointee if applicable). It will give candidates for the board a better understanding of the expected commitment and require the board to make seats available for election at a rate of at least 1/3rd a year. I personally nominated and support both Kenzie Connor and William Walker. While I look forward to getting to know and supporting many of the other wonderful candidates, these two share my values, and I urge you to support them.

William Walker
My first street festival attendance in the Castro was a Halloween sometime in the 1980s. I wasn’t older than 8 or 9, and much too young to know what my sexual orientation was or to care. I saw dancing in the streets, on tops of cars, costumes aboard buses. My own mom likely wasn’t sure what we had stumbled upon frankly. I didn’t know this was my initiation not only to my quirky community, but to the art of protest. That same decade, I marched down Market Street with my mom, newly elected Representative Nancy Pelosi, and hundreds of others demanding more affordable housing. I joined youth across San Francisco in walkouts and summits to protest the lack of youth friendly spaces and youth-led initiatives in San Francisco. I joined the boards of Coleman Advocates, the ACLU of Northern California and KPFA Radio to ensure that these organizations empowered and served younger and more diverse communities in their strategies and organizing. San Francisco’s spirit of diversity, protest and intersectionality have been part of my being from my first Spanish class in first grade until now. That esprit de corps is what I will bring should I be elected to the honorable post of SF Pride Board Member.  A great deal of effort goes into the planning and production of the annual Pride Parade that is fast approaching its fiftieth year. It is time we continue thinking about building our annual weekend event into an organization that is part of everyday life. Where the many sponsors of the events adopt local schools and select a day each year to share the talents of their company employees with the students of San Francisco. Building partnerships like these and developing alliances with Pride organizations throughout the region will help to sustain the community ties that were established when Pride began nearly 50 years ago.  As a third year urban studies major at UC Berkeley, I hope to tap into the many student networks and LGBTQQIAP alliances to further build and expand already existing coalitions to help grow SF Pride and add special events year round highlighting the successes and challenges facing our community. I am honored to be supported and nominated by sitting progressive board members who continue to work for racial and economic justice year-round. Let’s continue that work! I humbly request your vote to serve on the SF Pride Board.


Board Member Term Limits

This amendment will appear on the 2016 AGM Election Ballot, and votes will be cast along with the election of board members during the morning session. Adoption of the following amendment requires a vote in favor by a 2/3rd super-majority of all members present at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 17, 2016.


Section 5. Election and Term of Office of Directors.
One third of the incumbent directors shall be placed on the ballot for reelection at each Annual Meeting of the members. If all of the vacancies are not filled at the Annual Meeting, directors may be elected at any special meeting of the members or by written ballot.


Section 5. Election and Term of Office of Directors.

A. Term Limits. A duly elected member of the board shall serve a term of 3 years. No director may serve for more than 6 consecutive years (two terms). If a director was appointed to the board prior to an election this term of service shall not be counted towards the total of 6 consecutive years.

B. Election. An incumbent director in the 3rd year of their first term who seeks to serve on the board for another term shall be placed on the ballot for reelection at each Annual Meeting of the members. If all of the vacancies are not filled at the Annual Meeting, directors may be elected at any special meeting of the members or by written ballot.


As a member of SF Pride you have the right to vote on the proposed change to the Bylaws of the organization. The vote will be held at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on September 17th. As the result of the recent vote, earlier this year, bylaws amendments may be adopted at the AGM with a 2/3rds vote in favor of said proposed amendment [Policy A.02. Article 12. Section 3. Amendments]. Thank you again for your recent vote on the change that allows us to conduct this exceedingly important business this year.

As part of an ongoing effort to bring San Francisco Pride’s election process up to date, San Francisco Pride is proposing a change to Article 6 Section 5 of its Bylaws to institute terms and term limits for those individuals elected by the membership to serve on the Board of Directors.

The Policies and Procedures Committee wishes to honor the intent of the original language by setting the term limit to 3 years so that approximately one third (⅓) of the directors will term out each year requiring them to stand for election. We recommend a maximum of two (2) terms or six (6) years total, not including time served as an appointee.

Any board member wishing to serve more than two (2) terms (6 years total) would have to take, at least, a one year break at which point they would be welcome to run for the office again the following year.

This proposal is the direct result of feedback from current and past board members, the membership input over the last 2 years, the staff, and our analysis of state law and non profit best practices.

The changes are recommended by the San Francisco Pride Board of Directors, the Policies and Procedures Committee, and Staff of San Francisco Pride

In service to the organization,
Justin B. Taylor, Chair of the Policies and Procedures Committee
Email – with any questions you may have regarding this amendment.

February 10th Membership Meeting

SF Pride February Membership Meeting
Wednesday, 7pm, February 10th, 2016

San Francisco Pride Office, Fourth Floor
1841 Market Street, San Francisco
Enter at 30 Pearl Street

Old Business:
Grand Marshal Voting
Grand Marshal Polling
Suggestions on articles/content for Inside Pride

New Business:
Statement by Board President
By-Law Proposal
Dyke March
Community Affairs Report

SF Pride November Membership Meeting

SF Pride November Membership Meeting
Wednesday, 7pm, November 11th, 2015
San Francisco Pride Office, Fourth Floor
1841 Market Street, San Francisco

Enter at

30 Pearl Street


Membership Renewals
Report from the Community Affairs Committee
Ideas for Member participation in annual retreat
Report on key art development

Plans for the 2016 Celebration and Parade under the theme: 
“For Racial And Economic Justice.”

It’s Time to Renew Your SF Pride Membership!

The 2016 Membership year is beginning and it’s time to renew your Membership. As the new cycle begins, we are committed to continue working with our community to create change and build a powerful network of committed community Members like you.

2016 marks the 46th Anniversary of the SF LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade. This year’s event theme is “For Racial and Economic Justice” and as we keep moving forward, we are going to need your help. Change starts here in our own community.

Members are the heart and soul of SF Pride and have a direct voice in shaping our world-renowned event that educates and gives back to the community. The deadline to renew your Membership and ensure there is no lapse in your voting rights is December 10, 2015.

Renew online at

If you are uncertain about the status of your membership, please contact to clarify your status.

SF Pride Hosts Third Annual Holiday Food and Toy Drive

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SF Pride will be hosting its 3rd Annual Holiday Toy & Food drive to benefit our local community through 2 of our community partners, The Homeless Children’s Network and The City of Refuge

New Toys and dry/canned food donations will be accepted at the SF Pride Office at 30 Pearl St 4th Floor, SF, beginning November 11th through December 9th. To end the drive, we will have a booth on Friday December 11th at the corner of Dolores & Market St from 12pm to 4pm.

Please help us to make this Holiday Season a special one for somebody in need by showing your support and helping the less fortunate in our community!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!!

For more information go to , ,

SF Pride October 2015 Membership Meeting

You are cordially invited to attend our General Planning Meeting at the San Francisco Pride Office at 1841 Market Street Street in San Francisco. The entrance is around the corner at 30 Pearl Street.


Wednesday, 7pm, October 14th, 2015


  • Introducing our 2015-2016 Officers
  • Membership Renewal
  • Approval of Minutes from the August 11th and September 12th Meetings
  • Plans for the 2016 Celebration and Parade under the theme: “For Racial And Economic Justice.”