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  8. Servirá (la historia de este Cid, medrador) para tomar la temperatura al ambiente y para que los unos y los otros se recoloquen (aún más si cabe); y claro, para que continúe el culebrón, y para marear otro tanto. Un abrazo. (También yo estoy admirada de su talento coplero).


  10. We the People have been paying for the o'posters family too, from our collective money's. There WAS no place like America. O'posters father's dream, and evidently, the rest of Kenya's also. I'd be surprised if his sister (is it maya?) doesn't have a bogus SS also, and maybe even Kenyan gramma, and that railing dingo. Might need to check these out too, just because they arent't IN our Country, doesn't mean someone does not collect their SS and mail it to them.

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  23. When Nick was small and people first started worrying that he was *gasp* gay, I remember a counselor telling me that the only chance he had to be “normal” would require that I grow my hair long, wear only dresses and stop playing basketball with him. I needed to find a man to play basketball with him as I was clearly confusing him by not adopting the role of June Cleaver. Such sad small lives some people lead. So glad we never saw that woman again.

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  29. skeptic,Let’s use the S&L crisis as an example. That was a fairly bad financial situation. It happened in 1990-91. A bit of a WAG, but I think RE lending was fairly tight until ’96-98, than they let anyone through the door after ’02. All indicators are pointing to a situation, just as, if not worse than the S&L crisis. I did a paper on the S&L crisis in college. This to me looks worse. What I wonder is will there be some sacrificial lamb, who they will send to jail to quell the crazed public. I feel sorry for that guy/gal.

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  38. Mary Bradshaw / Well, Howie, 3 days of having cupcakes in an entire school year aren't going to make any child who isn't obese fatter! Now if the parents of the fat kids would stop stuffing their kids faces with mac and cheese, chips and soda maybe they'd lose a pound or twenty! It's not the government's job to restrict anything. Only douche bags like yourself need a nanny to monitor their every pathetic move!

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  42. Matthew Hooton…there will be "acts of violence against teachers and students"Come on Matthew, can you please try to use a bit of reason, truth and logic.We are all aware of the fact that you base your career around scaremongering and ignorance, but this is not the NBR…please attempt to engage your brain next time.Save you lies for another platform – perhaps that cheesy lifestyle rag called the nz herald.

  43. The two recipes she chose to share are WHITE chicken and WHITE potatoes. Why didn’t she suggest a chicken dish that is mixed with veggies? Why not a sweet potato smash? White potatoes have very few nutrients. This was very uninspiring.

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  55. rdamber October 15, 2012 at 2:14 pm | Leah, good question. In my opinion, asking questions just for the sake of a “good show” and camping out in booths pretending to be the “inside reporter” is pretty silly and comes across as bullying. There is a way to voice concerns in a professional manner and do it with class.

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  77. The one gangster we must defend ourselves from Is Obama. He has lied, coerced, paid off ,is still a Muslin and if you think he is on the side of the US you are just fooling yourself. be realistic and examine all the negative things he has done in office. I am in favor of arming all teachers that want to be armed.

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