Policies & Procedures

Thank you for your support! As a member of SF Pride you are part of a member driven 501(c)3 California nonprofit. We hope you are as dedicated to fulfilling our mission and helping us put on a fabulous event as we are. In this section we have provided a link to the Policies & Procedures of SF Pride. These documents are a culmination of the over 40 years of experience from putting on this community event in our beloved city of San Francisco.

In an effort to keep the organization up to date with the ever changing dynamics of the event  the Policies & Procedures are continually under revision. The Policies & Procedures have two main purposes. First they are meant to provide clarity where the ByLaws are vague or require interpretation. Secondly they are to address issues outside the scope of the ByLaws but not outside the scope of the event itself.

All of the following policies are in all respects subordinate to the articles of incorporation and ByLaws of the corporation

Collated Policies and Procedures:

By-Laws and P&P 07152014

Also please find all the currently updated individual policies of our P&P through the navigation side-bar of this website.

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